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Olli's photo I am a Finnish usability practitioner (MSc). That is, I deal with people and software. I also teach making software, that is, programming.

I co-founded Fluxitek. We build software that helps engineers measure product quality, and allows them to concentrate on what is important in their work.

I currently dream about increasing empathy between engineers/software developers and the rest of the world. Human-centered design and usability are a start, as is realizing empathy. What I hope to find is a form of practice in software development that makes glaringly obvious to programmers, the degree in which they can empathize with their users easily. Making usability practice a mainstream practice in software engineering is still a long way ahead. Jun 30, 2012; updated Feb 21, 2014

About me

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I find people interesting and confusing, and thus I spend a great part of my time wondering about their strange ways (and my own), learning to live. I find listening important, one of the most important things. My passion, still just finding a way to become reality, is to help people find ways to live up to their fullest potential, staying true, keeping real.

Designing great web sites/services and software both in terms of user experience and technology is intriguing. I have been building web sites and applications for about a decade now, and come up with new projects once in a while. I usually do not have enough time to implement most of them.

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I like all sortsa movies, white tea, wheat beer and red wine, melancholy, sincerity, dance, playing, singing, poems and poets. I respect being open to new thoughts and new ways to see, ignoring prejudice (though it is hard sometimes). I also find climbing, swimming and pilates/yoga enjoyable.

For managing things, I do Getting Things Done with Checkvist and NuevaSync. For managing my head, I do Mindfulness (video at Google Talks).

If you feel you have got something you would like to share, well, my contact info is right here on this page.

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